Large software license incentives, rebates, and discounts are everywhere.

But what good are these incentives if your technology distributor keeps it all for themselves?

At Sagient, 100% of available incentives are credited to clients - saving Enterprises tens of thousands a year in unnecessary costs!

Save Tens Of Thousands A Year With Absolutely No Risk

Proofpoint, Barracuda, WhiteHat, Exinda, ExaGrid, Kaspersky, Zscaler & more!

Solid technology that delivers, rated tops amongst its peers, built for the Enterprise yet scalable to the SMB, provided by firms on solid financial ground (many publicly traded)...

This is a sample of the criteria used to determine which technologies receive our stamp of approval before being offered to clients.

Combining these vetted, award winning technologies with our incredible ROI through Zero Markup Pricing provides you the purchasing 1-2 punch to make you the company hero!

Contact Sagient first to guarantee every available discount!

Sagient receives large incentives, bonuses, and discounts from the manufacturer when we introduce a new customer to their product or service.

Other distributors receive these incentives as well but chances are you'll never know this as they'll go straight into the distributors pocket - providing them a massive profit when you purchase!

Additionally, purchasing direct from the manufacturer completely eliminates the opportunity to receive any additional incentives.  Sounds crazy, right?

At Sagient, our policy has always been to automatically credit our large distributor incentives to clients on purchase - saving Enterprises tens of thousands a year in unnecessary software licensing fees!

Make sure to call Sagient first to guarantee every available incentive is captured and locked in!

Receive unbelievable benefits that'll blow your mind!

At Sagient, we won't get between you and your new solution!  You'll work directly with the manufacturer on implementing a thorough evaluation to ensure the technology exceeds your expectations.

Pass this important test and it's our turn to shine as we gather every available manufacturer, distributor, and end-user incentive, discount, bonus, and SPIFF to provide you one large discount at the point of sale!

Nobody else does this and our Enterprise clients save tens of thousands in unnecessary fees per year, hundreds of thousands over the lifetime of the technology, with absolutely zero risk!

Our Promise to You

The Savings Never Stop!

Save tens of thousands every year your software license is renewed with Sagient

Zero Markup Pricing on All License Renewals

All Sagient clients automatically benefit from the industries only yearly software licensing rebate program - Zero Markup Pricing - where every available incentive, discount, and rebate is passed directly through to your organization!

Clients can expect rebates from 10% to 45% off distributor pricing (NOT MSRP!) depending on a number of factors, guaranteeing an ROI greater than any other technology distributor or even manufacturer direct!

These incentives regularly save enterprises tens of thousands a year - hundreds of thousands over the life of a technology - and will continue as long as you renew your software licenses through Sagient.  Add additional product lines or solutions and each of those licenses will automatically become available for all the large rebates too.  In short, the savings never end!

Contact Sagient today to learn more about how we can automatically save your enterprise hundreds of thousands in unnecessary fees!

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