Large software license incentives, rebates, and discounts are everywhere.

But what good are these incentives if your technology distributor keeps it all for themselves?

We'll make sure every discount and incentive is returned to you...

...And provide schools in your area a sweet donation presented jointly by your company and ours - All with house money and zero risk!

You Pay Less.

Our Technology Partners

Proofpoint, Barracuda, WhiteHat, Exinda, ExaGrid, Kaspersky, Zscaler & more!

Solid technology that delivers, rated tops amongst its peers, built for the Enterprise yet scalable to the SMB, provided by firms on solid financial ground (many publicly traded)...

This is a sample of the criteria used to determine which technologies receive our stamp of approval before being offered to clients.

Combining these vetted, award winning technologies with our incredible year-over-year ROI plus add in the opportunity to jointly donate to schools in your area provides the 1-2 punch to make you the company (and community) hero!

Massive Year-Over-Year Savings

Tens of thousands rebated at every software license renewal!

All Sagient clients automatically benefit from the industries only yearly software licensing rebate program where every available incentive, discount, and rebate is passed directly through to your organization!

These rebates regularly save enterprises tens of thousands a year - hundreds of thousands over the life of a technology - and will continue as long as you renew your software licenses through Sagient.

Add additional product lines or solutions and each of those licenses will automatically become available for all the large rebates too.  The savings never end!

We Pay It Forward.

Our promise to you

Our promise to kids

Helping schools in your community.

With every Enterprise sale, Sagient helps teachers around the U.S. supply their classrooms with basics they'd otherwise have to pay for themselves.

Through, individual teachers can post requests for the supplies they need, but are no longer included in school budgets - like printer ink, writing notebooks, magnets, or a classroom Kindle.

So far, we've helped hundreds of classrooms and over 20,000 students from California to New York enjoy a better quality education through direct donations and/or through

We encourage our Enterprise clients to jointly present these donations with us which are wholly funded through bonuses Sagient receives from the manufacturer on your purchase -

Let's Get Started

Save tens of thousands of dollars and help tens of thousands of kids!
You Pay Less. We Pay it Forward.

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