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Large software license incentives, rebates, discounts, & bonuses are everywhere.

But what good are incentives if the big technology distributors keep it all for themselves?

We make sure every discount and incentive is placed into your pocket...

...And we'll donate 100% of all post-sale bonuses we receive from the manufacturer to schools & kids in your local area!

You Pay Less.

Our Technology Partners

Proofpoint, Barracuda, WhiteHat, Exinda, ExaGrid, Kaspersky, Zscaler & more!

Technology that delivers, rated tops amongst its peers, built for the Enterprise yet scalable to the SMB, provided by firms on solid financial ground (many publicly traded)...

This is a sample of the criteria used to determine which technologies receive our stamp of approval before we agree to partner and introduce to clients.

We've been working closely with many of these technology partners since 2008, so we're well versed on the inner workings of each organization!

Bottom Line: Work with products created and supported by highly rated, solid firms.  Implementing an untested solution, or a product offered by a firm on shaky financial ground, is a chance you simply should not take when it comes to your organizations security.

Massive Year-Over-Year Savings For You

Tens of thousands rebated at every software license renewal

Sagient automatically refunds every available manufacturer incentive, discount, and rebate to you.

The big technology distributors keep these incentives for themselves - heavily padding their own bottom line on your purchase.

Sagient incentives regularly save enterprises tens of thousands a year - hundreds of thousands over the life of a technology - and will continue as long as you renew your software licenses through Sagient.

Add additional product lines or solutions through Sagient and each of those licenses will automatically become available for all the large incentives too.

Bottom Line: Why let the big technology distributors keep all the incentives when they can be refunded to you, saving you tens of thousands more, at every yearly license renewal?

We Pay It Forward.

Our Promise to Children & Schools

Making a difference in your community

With every enterprise sale, Sagient helps teachers around the U.S. supply their classrooms with basics they'd otherwise have to pay for themselves.

Through, individual teachers can post requests for the supplies they need, but are no longer included in school budgets - like printer ink, writing notebooks, magnets, or a classroom kindle.

So far, we've helped hundreds of classrooms and tens of thousands of students from California to New York enjoy a better quality education through direct donations and through our support of

Bottom Line: We receive large post-sale bonuses from manufacturers on every purchase.  The big technology distributors pocket this money & pad their bottom line.  We donate 100% to schools & kids in your area. 

See a sample of our giving here:

Our Promise to You

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Save tens of thousands of dollars and help tens of thousands of kids!
You Pay Less. We Pay it Forward.