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80% of organizations admit they are not very aware of what information has been compromised and exfiltrated or if an intruder may still reside on the network.  We'll ensure you belong to the 20% club that is.

Take Action

Words are meaningless without action to back it up.  We'll provide you actionable insight into what we find.  Sagient can take action to mitigate on your behalf or you can go it alone.  Either way, you're the hero!

Save Time & Money

Sagient works with best-of-breed products, platforms, and solutions.  Based on your use cases, we'll determine which tools will make an impact and, more importantly, which will not.  Don't waste your time trying to figure this out.  We already did all the work for you!


Cybersecurity Vendor Research

Executive Introductions

Procurement Guidance

With Sagient, you'll save time, money, and a whole lot of frustration.

Why should your team spend days on vendor research, waste hours attending unfocused demos, or deal with sales teams that only identify you as a dollar amount in Salesforce?

Sagients unbiased cybersecurity vendor research, executive introductions, and procurement guidance services allow your team to stay focused on day-to-day work while vendors spend their time competing head-to-head to earn the right to have their solutions introduced to you.

Best of all, we offer this to organizations at no cost and because we are not a reseller/VAR beholden to a vendors contracts, we are can introduce you to any product/service with no strings attached!


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Unbiased Vendor Research

Executive Introductions

Procurement Guidance

Relax.  Sagient's Got You Covered! 

​Unlike a reseller/VAR, we are not beholden only to the handful of cybersecurity vendors we have agreements with or steer you to the vendors who pay us the largest margins.  We also don't fall for vendor sales and marketing claims, which can sometimes overstate what their solution can actually do.


Rather, Sagient will contact dozens of vendors in the cyber category you're interested to bubble up those which will actually meet or exceed your needs.  Acting as your proxy, we do this anonymously - never disclosing to the vendor who you are.  This approach keeps your company and personal information private thereby keeping you from being inundated by disruptive sales calls and emails, until you're ready to move forward.  


Once vendors are identified, and you agree to move forward, we will formally introduce you to the vendor executives that matter.  You'll immediately go from just another pipeline entry to having the highest in visibility and priority across sales, engineering, R&D, and more.  This will have a dramatic affect throughout the entire purchasing process.


We were in the cybersecurity procurement business for 13 years and know all the tips and tricks that will save you from spending unnecessarily.  From general advice to full blown procurement services which can include attorney review of EULA's, T&C's, and contracts, we're here to make sure your purchase goes smoothly and you come out ahead!

Join hundreds of other organizations who partner with Sagient to understand their TRUE attack surface!


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