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We Put The "Return" In Your Cybersecurity Investment

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What are you looking for?

  • CTI Maturity Assessment

  • OSINT Reporting/Analysis

  • Deep/Dark Web Monitoring

  • Email Security 

  • Brand Reputation Monitoring

  • Staff Augmentation

  • DLP

  • Data Backup

  • Something Else Cyber Related?

We Get To Work

Sagient is product agnostic and only recommends vendors based on your specific requirements and overall mission.

We'll map your requirements back to a solution that will actually meet your needs, provide meaningful impact, and measureable ROI.

Sagient iGuy Save Money

You Save Time & Money

When you outsource your CTI needs to Sagients partners, or purchase cybersecurity products through us, you'll save in 2 ways:

1) We return over 50% of our margin to our customers as an immediate refund at the time of purchase on solutions from Proofpoint, Barracuda, KnowBe4, and more.

2) We ensure the products and services recommended provide immediate benefit and actionable, measurable, results.  This saves time AND money and ensure you made the right purchase to meet your requirements.

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How It Works

 Partner Showcase:  

Enlighten Cyber Intelligence

Since 2015, Enlighten Cyber Intelligence helps organizations more effectively address risk with their unique approach to intelligence and knowledge management.


Powered by industry leading expertise and artificial intelligence, Enlighten provides everything you need to fulfill your intelligence requirements and achieve rapid maturity.


Through years of working in the U.S. intelligence community and large corporations, Enlighten is uniquely suited to consult with organizations on next-generation cyber intelligence and knowledge management.

Team2 - Next Generation Intelligence Team

Subscribers of Team2 enjoy the benefits of a fully functional intelligence team at the cost of a single analyst. Powered by industry leading expertise and artificial intelligence, Team2 is here to ensure you fulfill all of your intelligence requirements and achieve rapid maturity.

CampX Training

CampX personalizes intelligence and training to fit your organizational requirements. Whether you seek to boost your intelligence team’s skills or require security awareness training for your entire staff, the curriculum developers at CampX provide next-generation, intelligence-focused training tailored directly to your needs.

Team2 - Next Generation Intelligence Team

CampX - Personalized Training for CTI Teams

CTI Consulting - Ensuring Alignment with Key Stakeholders

What We Do

Information Security

Executive Security

Physical Security

Brand Security

Mobile App Protection

Recruiting and IT Staffing

Background Checks

On-Demand Investigations 

Adhoc Requests for Information

Cybersecurity Procurement

We find what you're looking for.

Digital Risk Protection Services

Digital transformation has created a public attack surface that is vast and evolving. Security teams lack the visibility and control necessary to secure their assets, people and customers across the surface, deep and dark web against phishing, impersonations and data leakage. Sagient utilizes a combination of AI-powered machine AND human intelligence to thwart today’s digital attacks.


IT Talent - Sourcing & Recruiting

Sagient specializes in connecting our clients and partners with top-performing talent who can make an immediate impact on your bottom line.  Our extensive network and expertise allows us to locate, identify, attract, and deliver professionals with the skills necessary to achieve your business goals.  Actively pursuing a new opportunity?  Send your resume to us!


On-Demand Investigations

Eliminate the need for your staff to spend valuable time away from detection and response functions. Leverage our contacts years of expertise and intel tradecraft. Let our investigation teams do the heavy lifting for you.

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