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Large County in Ohio: Email Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Encryption

Sagient discounts $33,051 per year

7-year savings of $231,357


Large Credit Union in Alabama: Email Encryption and Enterprise Protection

Sagient discounts $22,480 per year

7-year savings of $157,360

Large Retailer in Missouri: Email Enterprise Protection

Sagient discounts $44,690 per year

7-year savings of $312,830

SMB in Massachusetts:  Enterprise Email Security and Secure Web Gateway

Sagient discounts $12,600 per year

7-year savings of $88,200

Large K-12 School District in Illinois:  Secure Web Gateway & Mobile Filtering

Sagient discounts $20,690 per year

7-year savings of $144,830

Large Technology Manufacturer in Indiana:  Application Security & Penetration Testing

Sagient discounts $164,340 per year

7-year savings of $1,150,380

Large Financial Institution in Illinois:  Email Security and Privacy Solutions

Sagient discounts $47,782 per year

7-year savings of $334,474

Health Insurer in Ohio:  Application Security Solutions

Sagient discounts $150,000 per year

7-year savings of $1,050,000

HealthCare Group in Illinois:  Email Security

Sagient discounts $27,222 per year

7-year savings of $190,554

How You Save

ZERO Risk. ZERO Obligation. Just large cash back discounts. Doesn't that sound refreshing?


Whether you're seeking general info about a product, want to view a web demo or have technical questions, make sure you contact Sagient FIRST!

You'll be connected directly with your local manufacturer rep to get all your questions answered PLUS you'll lock-in your 50%+ cash back vendor commission discount!


When you're ready to purchase, you'll get vendor direct pricing and all available vendor incentives. Then, we'll lower the price even further as we deduct your 50%+ cash back discount - bringing your final costs well below any other distributor, VAR, or even direct!


Installation, service, support, and warranty is always provided directly by the vendor - just as if you purchased direct. This means no 3rd party interference or unnecessary fees for add-ons such as "managed services" or "premium support!"

In a nutshell...You'll receive all the same benefits as purchasing direct PLUS you'll get a large cash back discount from us.  Go ahead...Smile!

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ

Our Tech Partners

Already using one of these products? Simply have Sagient handle your next renewal and we'll give back 50%+ of our commission to you!

So...What's The catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. No contracts, no obligations, and no BS.

Still not convinced? Read on.

It's simple.  Like all tech distributors and VARs, we get paid large commissions from cybersecurity and technology vendors for introducing you to their products.  When you purchase a product, we're paid a commission and we pass 50%+ of our commission back to you as a large cash back discount on your invoice.  This is in ADDITION to all the other discounts and incentives available directly through the vendor.  We also provide you direct from manufacturer installation, service, support, and maintenance at no additional charge.

All you need to do is ask us for an introduction to your local manufacturer vendor rep or request a web demo for a solution.  This introduction will automatically lock-in all the savings - providing your organization a large, tangible ROI that you can see AND feel!

No way!  There are no risks or obligations when working with us...ever!  If, for any reason, you end up not purchasing a product through us, that's OK!

Yes!  As a matter of fact, we found that 92% of companies are overpaying for their software licenses with their current VAR or distributor.  Through our no-cost license review we'll ensure you're receiving every available vendor discount, incentive, and rebate.  Then, we'll let you know what your 50%+ commission cash back could be if you switched your license renewal to Sagient.

If we can save you money, we'll split the savings as a one-time fee for our services.  A true win/win!  If not, there is no charge for our services and you can rest assured you're getting the best deal.

No way.  We hate fees as much as you do.  So no fees, MSP charges, service costs, support fees...Nothing.

This can vary due to many variables such as product purchased, bundling options, geography, time of year, current vendor incentives, etc.  Technology distributors can earn anywhere between 10% and 50%+ in commission from your purchase.  The commission cash back savings we provide, on average, is 17% over a direct vendor purchase or any other VAR or distributor.  And don't forget, this is in addition to all vendor direct incentives.  Did you see how much our current clients are saving?  It adds up quick!

Yes!  Renew your software license on-time each year with us and we'll continue to pass through to you all vendor incentives, discounts, and rebates PLUS bundle those with your 50%+ cash back share of the commission we earn from the vendor.  We have clients who, over time, have saved in the hundreds of thousands with us!

Check our our software license renewal page here...

Just ask and we'll show you our vendor invoice.  There are no surprises here!  What other tech distributor will do this for you?  Go ahead, ask them.  They'll stare back at you as if they saw a ghost!

Sagient was created in 2008 as a #SocialBusiness.  As such, we give back, in a big way,  directly to our clients.

We believe YOU can make a greater impact on your local community when your money stays in your pocket.  Maybe the savings can go towards hiring additional talent, employee bonuses/raises, taking the team out to dinner to celebrate their hard work, or provided to your organizations charitable arm to help further a cause.  Ultimately, we believe YOU should do what YOU want with YOUR money!

Convinced? Let's Get To The Fun Part - Saving You A Lot Of Money!

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