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Reality vs. Expectation – Be Open and Transparent When Evaluating Competing Technologies

/ / Paul Radke


Instantly enjoy a more focused POC, larger discounts, & a smoother purchase experience.

Many times, when an organization contacts me to set-up an introduction to a product, they’ll initially refuse to let me or the manufacturer know what other solution(s) they’re looking at for fear they’ll “give away their hand”.

This thought process – of not wanting to let others know who the competitors are – always has me wondering “Why not?”

We live in a capitalist society where competition can and should be used in the consumers favor to receive better service and lower costs.  So why not use this system to your advantage?

By being completely transparent upfront you can guarantee EVERYONE will be on notice that you mean business and you are serious about choosing the right product for the best price for your organization.

The competitive spirit your transparency triggers will guarantee:

  • Each product manufacturer will ensure the POC is FOCUSED on what YOU want to see/hear.  You’ll be able to cut through the marketing B.S. manufacturers put out there and truly realize what claims are for real and which claims are simply marketing spin.
  • You’ll be offered a VERY competitive price upfront rather than the need to haggle and struggle through the pricing process.  This save you time (money) and headache.
  • You’ll be provided world class service and support since the fear is always there that you may leave and again look at a competitive product.  The manufacturers want to keep you as long as possible.  Gaining a new client is a long and expensive process and they would rather not have to do this year after year after year because their support fell on its face when you needed them most.

So – Don’t be afraid to tell all what solutions you’re considering.  Let the manufacturers fight for your business.

Keeping secrets not only creates confusion and uncertainty for the manufacturer in trying to figure out what it is you’re trying to accomplish but also for you – as it can become very frustrating when you EXPECT a certain outcome, but REALITY  simply cannot meet your expectation.

Reality can only meet and exceed an expectation when the expectation is clearly made known!


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