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The Best Time of Year to Purchase Your Organizations Technology

/ / Paul Radke


Purchase your organizations technology at the right time to save big!

I’m asked all the time if there is any other way to receive additional discounts from manufacturers.  The answer, as usual, is YES!

Choose the correct time of year to pull the trigger on your technology purchase!

Generally, the best times are in the final week(s) of the manufacturers’ fiscal quarters.  This is especially true when you are looking to purchase a product from a manufacturer who is publicly held and traded on a large exchange.

Why?  They are under pressure from shareholders to show user growth and quarter over quarter or year over year increases in revenue.  These pressures make it more probable that manufacturers will be willing to provide a last minute “sweetener” to lock in your purchase by EOQ or EOY.

But not all fiscal years are created equal!  Some fiscal years may be based on a typical calendar year while others may be based on some arbitrary date, so be sure to either contact me or check public records to find out when their fiscal year ends.

Once armed with this info you can use the calendar to your advantage to lower your final costs significantly or receive additional products/services at little to no charge!

Contact me to learn more about timing your technology purchase to save your organization some very easy money!



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