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Total visibility.  Total control.

Prioritize Internet Traffic and Conquer Bottlenecks. It’s Time for Control.

Organizations large and small are more resource– and time–constrained than ever before.  Point solutions don’t cut it when it comes to IT budgets.

Leave behind your web filters, WAN optimizers, bandwidth controllers and package shapers. Get Control.

Get a Handle on Every Traffic Type

–Business-critical cloud services & app performance
–Risky traffic types like BitTorrent, UltraSurf and more
–Bandwidth drains from recreational traffic like games, videos, gambling and downloads
–Policy violations like inappropriate content that should never be allowed on your network

Power that Plays Nice

Traffic across all ports and protocols down to Layer 7 is seen by IC Control.

It inspects every bit of data crossing the circuit, making it easy to secure and ensure a reliable, stable, high-performing Internet connection.

Even with all this power, IC Control is easy to deploy; it works with your existing firewall or router as a transparent bridge, minimizing disruption to your network configuration.


Untangle Information – IC Control Appliances

Complete Visibility Into and Control Over All Your Internet Traffic

The Untangle Internet Content Control line of network appliances gives you full insight into and control over all your Internet traffic.

From a single interface, you can manage your entire Internet circuit including filtering and threat management, controlling and prioritizing applications, shaping, and monitoring and reporting.

IC Control network appliances include:

–Network Monitoring
–Internet Traffic Analytics
–Advanced Bandwidth Management & Traffic Shaping
–Application Prioritization
–Central Management for Multi-Appliance Deployments
–Threat Monitoring including Spyware and Viruses


IC Control Mobile Monitoring
Join the Mobile Revolution with Anywhere, Anytime Remote Server Management

Business doesn’t stop outside the office or at the end of the workday.

Support your remote employees and your IT professionals who need actionable data on the go with Mobile Monitor for IC Control.

Do you get asked to troubleshoot Internet traffic issues when you’re away from you desk?

Are you getting calls from home to research Internet incidents or bandwidth resource issues?

With a simple to use interface and real-time reporting directly from your Internet Content Control deployment, Mobile Monitor lets you report, monitor, and diagnose problems wherever you may be.

Experience the power of Internet Content Control at your fingertips at home, on the bus or at the beach.

You’ll get access to reports for web hits, bandwidth, time online, spyware, viruses, applications, total traffic, chat and IM, databases, DNA/naming/locators, email/collaboration, FTP/file transfer and more, plus the application real time monitor.

You can report all this by Directory user, network node, application, file type and more.


Untangle Information – We Solve Real-World Network Problems

Internet traffic is getting more complex.

Cloud to increase six-fold, streaming media growing by 700+%, mobile up 2.3-fold in one year. We help you see it, sort it, and supervise it.

IC Control Monitors All Traffic

Layer 7 DPI covers all ports and protocols.

Filtering only applies to < 10% of traffic requests.

How well you manage the rest of the requests determines network performance. We help you evaluate and control the other 90%.

You Discover and Evaluate Traffic

Analytics and reports help you categorize applications, content, users and devices.

Workplace productivity is taking a beating.

Online distractions cost an average of $10,375 per employee/year. We help reduce those distractions.

You Set Policy Based on Traffic Value

Inappropriate blocked, recreational, relevant and critical traffic prioritized and shaped.

Users think they know better than IT.

iCloud, Dropbox, departmental SaaS purchases, expectations of always-on/always-performing mobile connectivity. We give you the control you deserve…and your company needs.

Network Performance Improves

Bandwidth is recovered. Cloud services perform better. Risks and liability are eliminated.

Throwing bandwidth at performance issues just wastes money.

More bandwidth just means more usage. If you give them more, users will take it…and expect it. We give you a better return on your bandwidth investment.

IC Control Evolves with Your Network

Managing internet performance is an ongoing, but simple, effective process.



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