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WhiteHat Information – About WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Sentinel is a software-as-a-service platform that enables your business to quickly deploy an application vulnerability management program.

We can help make sure that your organization’s web applications are secure, regardless of where you are in the development process.

No matter how much code or how many web applications you have, or how often they change, Sentinel can scale to meet the demand.

We’ve been doing this for more than a decade for hundreds of businesses just like yours.



WhiteHat Information – Live Production: WhiteHat Sentinel

Our entire approach mimics an attacker’s mindset.

We perform assessments pit-crew style, which enables unparalleled efficiency and vulnerability coverage.

Nobody’s security is perfect. WhiteHat takes the perspective of your adversary to find your weaknesses and help you fix them before the bad guys use them against you.

Sentinel, WhiteHat’s Dynamic Application Security Assessment (DAST) solution, offers a radically different approach for identifying, assessing and protecting your websites – even those you didn’t know existed.
What we offer:

–Continuous assessment methodology
–Accuracy: 100% vulnerability verification
–Safety: Proven production safety
–Speed: Concurrent – assess thousands of sites in parallel
–Compliance: PCI compliance reports and more
–Actionable: Custom remediation guidance, metrics and reports

How we do it:

–Hack Yourself First approach
–Automated and powerful SaaS platform
–Sharing details of specific attack vectors
–Utilizing the expertise of the Threat Research Center (TRC)
–Open XML API Integrations



WhiteHat Information – Pre-Production: WhiteHat Sentinel Source

Sentinel Source, WhiteHat’s Static Application Security Testing (SAST), enables secure coding across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

With WhiteHat Sentinel Source you can assess source code faster than with any other solution in the market – roughly one million lines of code in under 30 minutes – on a daily or on-demand basis.

Since even binaries can be reverse engineered, Sentinel Source tests your source code within your own environment.

Your source code does not leave your control – ever.

We believe this is the best way to ensure our customers maintain control of their Intellectual Property.

What we offer:

–Assess partial code for faster remediation
–No need to wait for compiled code or binaries
–Catch issues early in the SDLC to reduce cost
–Protect your IP with onsite analysis
How we do it:

–Identifying the vulnerable line of code leading to faster remediation
–Weeding out false positives with the help of dedicated experts
–Analyzing dependencies and 3rd party code and libraries


WhiteHat Information – Mobile Security: WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile

A recent report by Ovum Research predicts that a growing number of businesses will rely upon mobile devices, making them an easy target for hackers.

Gartner reports that two-thirds of mobile apps will fail basic security tests this year alone.

Securing your mobile app might seem time consuming when you’re trying to get your app to the market, but breaches can be disastrous.

The engineers in WhiteHat Security’s Threat Research Center (TRC) serve as an extension of your own mobile security team to provide on-demand answers, actively help you manage risk, and build proof of concepts for mobile exploits.
What we offer:

Unlike traditional mobile app testing, WhiteHat takes the perspective of your adversary to find your weaknesses and help you fix them.

WhiteHat offerings are easily integrated across the mobile security spectrum to meet your specific needs.
How we do it:

–Mobile manual testing
–Continuous production testing
–Mobile static code analysis
–Mobile static API testing



WhiteHat Information – WhiteHat Computer-Based Training

WhiteHat’s Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses are built by application security experts and provide developers and security professionals with the tools they need to meet the real-world requirements of building secure code.
What we offer:

WhiteHat Security CBT is applicable to a broad range of interests and backgrounds – from IT to development to business decisions makers.

CBT offers a compelling learning experience with in-depth coverage for every risk in the OWASP Top 10.
How we do it:

–Full support for Java and .NET.
–Learn the latest risk mitigation techniques at your own pace
–Easily access your courses any time, from anywhere
–Start and stop courses as desired
–Take advantage of flexible pricing options that meet the needs of every organization.


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