Who in the world is spoofing your domain to commit fraud?
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DMARC – Why is it so important?

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Implementing DMARC is the best way to defend your customers, your brand, and your employees from phishing and spoofing attacks.

Leveraging the power of email authentication, DMARC protects your organization from all phishing attacks that spoof trusted domains.

Visibility into who is sending email across your email ecosystem allows you to authorize all legitimate senders and block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, customers, and business partners.

Correctly implemented you can:

  • Prevent CEO/CFO wire transfer attacks and W2 scams
  • Block malicious emails that spoof trusted domains before they reach your employees and customers
  • Protect your business partners from fraudulent emails that steal your corporate identity

To Sum It Up: 

DMARC is the first and only widely deployed technology that can make the “header from” address (what users see in their email clients) trustworthy. Not only does this help protect customers and the brand, it discourages cybercriminals who are less likely to go after a brand with a DMARC record.

What You Can Do Right Now: 

Contact Sagient and, based on our conversation, we’ll introduce you to your Proofpoint or Barracuda local rep to learn more about their DMARC and email authentication solutions.

While implementing the DMARC record is not necessarily a difficult task, you must ensure all your organizations services that spoof your domain legitimately (such as SalesForce) are appropriately configured.  Not doing this correctly will result in an interruption of mail-flow from these services.

Let's Get To The Fun Part - Protect Your Organization And Save A Lot Of Money On Your DMARC Implementation!

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