Paul Radke
Founder Sagient Technologies, Inc.

Meet Paul Radke

Dating back to 2009, Sagient Technologies has provided technology procurement services to many of America’s most well-respected corporations, universities, and SMB's.

Our purchasing methodology revolves around utilizing 100% compliant strategies and in-the-know industry experts to identify and return to clients all available incentives, discounts, and rebates - which the big distributors pocket for themselves.

This Profit Sharing initiative allows clients to easily save tens of thousands per year in unnecessary costs - hundreds of thousands over the life of a technology.

Paul Radke is an original partner of Sagient Technologies, Inc. and has been the President of the company since 2011. With well over 20 years of IT procurement and engineering experience, Paul is among the world’s most experienced in ROI focused IT purchasing.

Paul has previously held a number of key positions within leading organizations such as Ameritech, Southwestern Bell (SBC), and AT&T - where Paul finished out his career in engineering and telecom.

In 2011, Paul semi-retired and focused on building Sagient Technologies into a well-respected and honest technology distributorship - dedicated to showing organizations how to maximize ROI on their technology purchases.

Paul is an avid hockey fan following the Chicago Blackhawks, a University of Michigan football fan, investor in up and coming technology companies, and spends the vast majority of his free time with his 9-year old daughter and 2-year old Golden Retriever, Laney. Paul is also very proud to have helped over 10,000 kids receive much needed learning materials through his support of

To learn more about greatly maximizing ROI through our Profit Share initiatives, please request a one-on-one discussion with Paul via the contact form below.

Paul Radke specializes in:

Proofpoint, WhiteHat Security, Barracuda, KnowBe4, ExaGrid, Exinda, Kaspersky

DMARC, Anti-Phishing Protection and Testing, Firewalls, Internet Filtering, Bandwidth Shaping, Spam and Virus Protection, Email Security, APT Protection, Web Application Firewalls, Email Archiving, Application and Source Code Hacking Protection, WAN Optimization