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Proofpoint E-Discovery allows legal teams to respond to legal requests without IT involvement in a matter of seconds.

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Proofpoint E-Discovery and Analytics

Proofpoint E-Discovery allows legal teams to respond to legal requests without IT involvement in a matter of seconds.

E-discovery is unpredictable in the face of today’s data growth. With new content types to support and ever-evolving court decisions, you need a defensible approach to your collection, discovery and review strategy.  Proofpoint’s e-discovery and Analytics capabilities provide greater insight for your litigation readiness strategy. That means more control with less cost and risk. 

Self-service control over e-discovery for legal teams can mean big savings in terms of time, cost and risk. When the clock is ticking, legal teams can’t rely on their IT counterparts for every e-discovery request. With more work shifting to in-house counsel, this creates unnecessary bottlenecks and compromises accuracy, decision making and defensibility. With Proofpoint, legal teams can:

  • Respond to legal requests without IT involvement
  • Centrally manage retention, search, review and legal hold activity across email, social and enterprise collaboration data to improve litigation readiness
  • Guarantee search results in seconds for early case insight
  • Cull and review data quickly and easily for responsiveness
  • Execute role-based workflow within the litigation timeline
  • Export result sets securely to outside or opposing counsel in the appropriate electronic format
  • Optional e-discovery Analytics features provide advanced search, including concept and facetted search

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With Proofpoint E-Discovery You’ll Be Able To:

  • Meet e-discovery and legal hold obligations quickly and effectively.
  • Collect, search and review all types of ESI.
  • Reduce risks, streamline legal investigations and speed review time by 90%.

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