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 proofpoint_license_reseller_sagienttech.comLooking to renew your Proofpoint license?

You’ve come to the right place!  At Sagient, we specialize in driving down yearly SaaS license fees that have become the norm in the technology industry.

We do this by systematically gathering all available incentives, bonuses, and rebates and passing them back to you on renewal at the point of sale.

You can save tens of thousands over the lifetime of your Proofpoint solution with absolutely no risk, commitment, or contract required.

Best of all, we guarantee you’ll pay less than manufacturer direct each and every year you purchase your Proofpoint  license renewal through Sagient!

Already a customer of Proofpoint?

If you purchased direct or through another reseller/distributor, contact us and we’ll make the switch to Sagient easy for you!

What changes will be made when I switch Proofpoint license renewal payments to Sagient?

The only change you’ll notice is you will now pay your yearly Proofpoint license renewal fees to Sagient.  Other than that, all service, support, and contractual obligations will continue to be with Proofpoint directly.

Not yet a Proofpoint client?

If you’ve just discovered Proofpoint and want to learn more about the Proofpoint family of products, we can really make a difference!  See below for a little secret to maximizing your Proofpoint incentives.  You can also click here for some great Proofpoint information.

Maximize your Proofpoint incentives!

Here’s a little secret we’ll let you in on:

If you allow Sagient to contact Proofpoint on your behalf and make the initial introductions, your incentives increase dramatically!  This is because manufacturers like Proofpoint pay bonus incentives to guys like us when we introduce new prospects to their brand.

Let Sagient make the first call for you!  Don’t worry – you’re under no obligation, commitment, or risk by allowing us to do so…but we will secure you a nice additional discount when you go to purchase!

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