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About Sagient

As an independent and privately owned corporation since 2009, Sagient Technologies has provided technology procurement consulting and purchasing services to many of America’s most well-respected corporations, universities, and SMB's.

Our purchasing methodology revolves around utilizing 100% compliant purchasing strategies and in-the-know industry experts to identify every available incentive, discount, and rebate, both known and unknown, in the Information Technology sector.

By following Sagients proprietary ROI methodology, clients have achieved savings on top-tier data security and networking technologies in the multiples of millions.

These savings continue to grow exponentially each year a software license is renewed through Sagient freeing up funds to hire additional talent, purchase other needed technologies, or simply provide a large boost to your bottom line!

About Paul Radke

Paul Radke is an original partner of Sagient Technologies, Inc. since inception in 2009 and has been the President of the company since 2011. With well over 20 years of IT, procurement, and telecom engineering experience, Mr. Radke is among the world’s most experienced in ROI focused Information Technology procurement.

Mr. Radke has previously held a number of key positions within leading telecom organizations. He began his career at Ameritech where he led the engineering and implementation of the original Americast cable TV and fiber network serving the suburbs of Chicago. From there, he served under the Southwestern Bell (SBC) brand of companies engineering and implementing POTS lines and DSL services. Ultimately, AT&T purchased SBC where Mr. Radke finished out his career in telecom

In 2011, Mr. Radke semi-retired and focused on building Sagient Technologies into a well-respected and honest technology distributorship dedicated to showing organizations how to maximize ROI on their technology purchases.

Mr. Radke also believes in giving back directly to the communities we serve. As part of every Enterprise purchase made through Sagient, a large joint donation will be made to to provide classrooms the technology necessary in ensuring our kids learning needs are met.

Mr. Radke is also an avid hockey fan following the Chicago Blackhawks, University of Michigan football fan, investor in up and coming technology companies, and spends the vast majority of his free time with his 8 year old daughter and year old Golden Retriever, Laney.

To learn more about greatly maximizing ROI on technology purchases, organizations should seek one-on-one informational consultation with Mr. Radke via the Contact Us forms found throughout

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Save tens of thousands of dollars and help tens of thousands of kids!
You Pay Less. We Pay it Forward.

You Pay Less. We Pay It Forward.

You pay less.
We automatically scan for, collect, and pass-through ALL available manufacturer incentives on your initial order and at every yearly software license renewal - savings Enterprises hundreds of thousands over the life of a solution.
We pay it forward.
After every purchase, a sizeable donation will be presented to, as a joint donation if preferred, to provide classrooms in your community the necessary technology kids need to learn.

What our clients say

Our clients are continually amazed at how much they save with Sagient, year after year.
  • Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! +10,000 more! :) Thanks again for all your help with our Internet filtering project!
    K-12 School System in Illinois
  • Sagient not only beat the price we would have paid direct for our email security solution, but they credited us thousands on each renewal of our software license.
    Government Agency in Ohio
  • Sagient saved us thousands more than we anticipated on our internet protection filtering project.
    K-12 School System in Indiana
  • I’ve waited all my life to work with a technology distributor that didn’t try to rush a sale and was upfront with the pricing we could expect.
    K-12 School System in Illinois