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The Honest Cybersecurity Source

Sagient Technologies is the go-to B2B source for cybersecurity, technology, and data security. We serve medium and large enterprises, SMBs, education, nonprofit, and government organizations throughout the US and Canada.


We believe that security technology should be sold with honesty and integrity.


Unlike any other data security source, we automatically give back to our clients every available manufacturer, distributor, and end-user incentive, rebate, and discount - on every purchase and annual license renewal.


We also donate all subsequent manufacturer bonuses to schools in the client’s community, in the client’s name.


Most astonishing of all, we then split the commission with our SPIF Referral Partners, 50/50.


Why does Sagient do all this? Because current IT incentives are generous enough for us to live well, dramatically reduce our clients’ costs, and pay it forward to our partners and communities - all at the same time.

The Lowest Price. Guaranteed.

Sagient has never lost a bid to a competitor offering the same product.

That’s because Sagient’s unique IT procurement system automatically guarantees better than direct pricing, year over year.

We save our clients thousands or tens of thousands over the life of the solution while providing the very same direct-from-manufacturer service and support as if the product had been purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Our SPIF Referral Program

As a SPIF (Sagient Pays It Forward) Referral Partner, you earn 50% of our total gross profits from your referrals - with no selling. None. We take care of everything: The demo, evaluation, sale, purchase, licensing, certificate, and insurance requirements.

Just warmly introduce us as a trusted source to your decision maker contacts at any company or organization with 500+ employees/users and based in the US or Canada. We do all the selling. When we make a sale, your commission can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

There’s more. Whenever any of your referrals renews an annual software license with Sagient, you automatically receive a large annuity-style payment. This creates a continuous pipeline of payments to you for years after the initial sale, with absolutely no action necessary on your part.

Our SPIF Referral Partners enjoy:

•             No set hours or sales meetings.

•             No quotas.

•             No vertical limitations. You can refer any healthcare, financial, K-12, higher ed, local, state, or county governments, enterprise, or SMB organization.

•             No commitments, time requirements, or obligations. You may keep your current job.

Our Products

Sagient carefully vets and partners only with proven, well-established, top Gartner-rated cybersecurity, technology, and data security products and services:

Proofpoint – Email Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Social Media Protection, Information Protection, Information Archive

WhiteHat Security – SaaS Platform for Dynamic Application Security Assessments, Static Application Security Assessments, Mobile Application Security Testing, Computer Based Training

Barracuda Networks – Network Security, Web Security, Web Application Security, Email Security, Video Surveillance, Data Protection, Archiving and Information Management, eSigning, Server Load Balancing, Link Load Balancing, Access Control

Kaspersky Labs – Endpoint Security, Virtualization Security, Mobile Security, Anti Targeted Attack, DDoS Protection, Security Intelligence Services, Security for Data Centers, Fraud Prevention, Industrial Cybersecurity

Exinda – WAN Optimization, Unified Communications, Application Performance

ExaGrid – Disk Backup, Data Deduplication

Zscaler – Web Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud Sandbox, Cloud Firewall, Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Application Visibility & Control, Bandwidth Controls

Untangle - Next-Generation Firewalls, Web Security Gateways and Filtering

Desired Skills & Experience

To become a SPIF Referral Partner, you must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada with contacts who have decision-making responsibilities for their organization’s cybersecurity, IT, and data security. Our products best serve medium to large-size organizations, so these contacts should be at organizations with 500 or more employees or users.

To earn your 50% share of a sale, all that’s required from you is a warm introduction of Sagient to a decision maker at an organization that may benefit from the cybersecurity, technology, or data security products that we offer.

SPIF Referral Partners do not need to be in sales or have a technical understanding of the products/solutions we offer. You will not be providing engineering or technical support.  We do all that work for you.

Finally, you can live a happy, Sagient Life.

At Sagient, we firmly believe that family, friends, and life outside of work are important. We operate in a new work culture which gives you the freedom to enjoy life the way you want and to pursue your own destiny. We call this Sagient Life.


If you’d like to earn a full 50% of total profits from your referrals, and you’ve got IT decision maker contacts in medium to large enterprise, education, or government organizations, get in touch with us now.

We’ll call you in the next couple of days to determine if there’s a fit and to go over all the details.

1. Schedule a one-on-one phone meeting here.

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We keep your info completely private, never share it, and we use it only to contact you about our SPIF Referral Program.

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