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Tired of Getting Screwed by Technology Distributors? Introducing Profit Share for Enterprise

/ / Paul Radke, Profit Share for Enterprise


Tired of getting screwed when purchasing technology?

Introducing Profit Share for Enterprise!

When organizations unnecessarily overpay for goods/services, we all pay the price.

As has been proven, high costs are passed on to consumers (all of us!) in the form of higher prices and at your business in the form of lower wages and less hiring.

The problem.

The big tech distributors (and small ones too!) have been pocketing massive profits on large, unnecessary fees for years now.

This is especially relevant since the introduction and massive adoption of SaaS and the large yearly licensing costs that go along with it.

Large tech distributors regularly earn commissions of 25, 30, 45% (or more!) on your initial purchase and at EACH yearly software license renewal, for doing nothing more than printing and mailing you a renewal invoice.

What can we do about it?  Profit Share!

Over the course of 9 years, I’ve worked with thousands of schools across the U.S. in lowering their costs by refunding a huge chunk of the commission I earn from manufacturers.  We call it Profit Share for Schools.

I’m now bringing this same concept to business/enterprise!

To kick off this initiative, I’m offering Profit Share for Enterprise refunds to 100 organizations in the U.S., who purchase Proofpoint, WhiteHat Security, or Barracuda Networks products/services through Sagient.

  • You will work directly with the manufacturers on the POC, installation, support, and warranty of their product(s).  It’s just as if you were purchasing direct – no 3rd party interference.
  • We will work with you and the manufacturer jointly to find agreement on a direct from manufacturer price.
  • Being a distributor, I’ll then receive a commission from the manufacturer on your purchase.  We will split my commission 50/50 – with my commission capped at $5,000.  100% of the difference will be refunded to your organization immediately.

As an example: If my manufacturer commission is $25K, I’ll only retain $5K and refund $20K back to your organization immediately, and at each yearly software license renewal you make through Sagient.  This is a tangible, immediate, and large ROI – simply for making your purchase through Sagient and all at ZERO risk.

So whats the catch?

No catch!  But please note: You will receive a much larger refund if you call us first and allow us to introduce you to the manufacturer.  As with all distributors, we receive bonuses for making the initial introduction, and we pass this back to you too!

Our Profit Share initiative has been a MASSIVE success for the schools we’ve worked with over the last 9 years.  I’m excited to witness firsthand the impact it will have for my business and enterprise customers!

Contact me today to get started or learn more!


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